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"PARANG OLYMPICS 2013" Sportsfest
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"PARANG OLYMPICS 2013" Sportsfest
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                                            P R O G R A M


       8:00 am              Opening Prayer                 Bro. Marcos Avendano

       8:05 am              National Anthems (Canada & Philippines)

       8:15 am              Lighting of the Torch        Bro. Stephn Seko

       8:20 am              Opening of Sportsfest      Fr. Albert Macalipay

                                                      (“Let the games begin!”)

       8:25 am              Opening Competition – Cheering Squad

                                           (5 minutes maximum, 7 members minimum,

                                           will be judged based on creativity, originality,

                                           timing, costume and audience impact.)

                                           Toronto Chapter                 North York Cell Group

                                           Scarborough Cell Group    Hamilton Cell Group

                                                               Mississauga Cell Group

       9:00 am              The Search for “Miss Parang Olympics 2013” 

                                            (ages 20-45 only, no skimpy shorts &

                                             no belly button showing please...& thank you)

                                            - Talent portion (no more than 5 minutes)

                                            - Question & Answer portion


       GAMES COMPETITION:                                                                                    

                                              Team                              Individual 

       10:00 am                   Volleyball                         Chess

       11:00 am                   Track & Field                    Scrabble

       12:00 pm                              L U N C H     B R E A K

         1:00 pm                   Badminton                       Pass the bag

         1:30 pm                   Shoot the Boss                Trip to Jerusalem

         2:00 pm                   The Boat is Sinking        

         2:30 pm                   Sack Race   

         3:00 pm                   Going to Market

         3:30 pm        

         4:00 pm                   Awards Ceremony & Coronation of

                                             “Miss Parang Olympics 2013”

         5:00 pm                  Fellowship...snacks...clean up

         6:00 pm                  Closing prayer


Games Sponsors (in-charge for props and prizes):

             1. Volleyball – Equipment  and Intercessory Ministries

             2. Track & Field – Marshall Ministry

             3. Badminton – Liturgical Ministry

             4. Sack Race – Outreach Ministry

             5. Pass the Bag – Food Ministry

             6. The Boat is Sinking – Ushers/Collectors Ministry

             7. Trip to Jerusalem – Membership Ministry

             8. Scrabble and Chess – Music Ministry

             9. Shoot the Boss – Youth Ministry

           10. Going to Market – Worship Dance Ministry

           11. Cheering Squad – North York & Mississauga Cell Groups

           12. The Search for "Miss Parang Olympics 2013" – Scarborough & Hamilton

                 Cell Groups


First Aid Team:  Sis. Rowena Supat, Sis. Vivian Mallari, Sis. Alice Galang 

                          & Bro. Angel Inocencio

Security Team:  The Marshall Ministry

The Judges:       Fr. Albert, Bro. Johnny & the Council Members

Games In-charge & Referees:

              Volleyball      – Bro. Marcos Avendano

              Badminton     – Bro. Tony Santos

              Track & Field – Bro. Medi  Galang

              Sack Race      – Bro. Stephn Seko

Over-all Facilitating Team: Disciple-Speakers & Gospel-Sharers


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