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Four years ago, my beloved wife passed away before we came here in Canada.  It was so sudden that we were not prepared on what to do.  Coming to a foreign country with multi-cultured people and having no relatives to get support were our biggest challenge.  I brought my three children with me.  My daughter was fourteen years old and my two sons were ten and seven years old respectively.  Everyone was trying to discourage me in coming to Canada because they knew life would be very difficult especially for a single parent and having me to start at the bottom again.

But I still insisted in coming here.  I said to myself that “I can do this”.  I have to be strong for my children.  Bearing that in mind, I tried to conceal all the heartaches, the loneliness, problems and tribulations that came along the way.  Aside from mending my brokenness, I have to give my full attention, support and love to my children who were also grieving.  I was their father and their mother at the same time.  I have to attend to their personal needs, their studies, prepare their foods, attend parent/teacher’s meeting, do laundry, grocery and always present to give them moral support.

For two years, we did not celebrate the important events in our lives like birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day and the likes.  It’s hard to celebrate knowing someone special is not around anymore.  My children and I were very devastated with the loss of their mom in addition that I can’t get any decent job.  I have been working as contract employee and just receiving a minimum wage.  As time goes on, I developed depression and anxiety problems.

My health started to weaken.  Some of the symptoms I experienced were palpitation, dizziness, heartburn, nervousness, unable to concentrate, restless feelings, shortness of breath, unexplained panicky feelings, headache, going insane, suicidal thoughts and most of all insomnia.

I went to see our family doctor and he started to treat me with my sleeping problems from supposedly a short term treatment but has gone to a year and a half.  I have been dependent on the sleeping pills and sometimes the medicine won’t worked anymore because my system was already immune not mentioning the side effects I am experiencing.

I decided to see an acupuncturist.  After examining my health problem, he guaranteed me within 3 months period I will be back to normal again.  I was responding well in my first few treatments. Almost fifty to seventy needles were pinched on my entire body which was connected to a small battery operated machine that will correct my blood flow.  But as time goes on, the once a week treatment became twice a week and became every other day visits.  Aside from the needles, I need to drink a bitter herbal tea that will help me to recover faster.  Six months has passed, I was still under his treatment without any signs of improvement.  My acupuncturist who has been practicing Chinese ancient medicine for more than twenty years has given up hope on me.  I could still remember his parting words – “My case was a hopeless one”.

My friends helped us moved from Downsview to Scarborough where I started to know new friends.  But my health was still the same.  One midnight, I was awakened by a shortness of breath.  I was a little disoriented.  I decided to dial 911 to get some help.  But suddenly something came up to my mind.  I remembered my children and did ask myself what will happen to them if something will happen to me. It was an eye opener for me. 

That very moment, I totally surrendered myself to GOD like a helpless child.  I have unloaded all the burdens that I have been carrying for the past years. I was crying very hard that night.  Then I started to experience a peace of mind, calmness, and the shortness of breath has gone.  That night also, I was able to sleep well. Then I realized the verse taken from Matthew 11.28 – “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy burden and I will give you rest”.

Our lives changed slowly with God’s grace.  The pills that I used to drink daily were slowly reduced until I was able to get rid with it totally. I started to listen to relaxation tapes, practice proper breathing exercises, eat right food that will nourish my health, and do meditation. My children and I were getting better and our relationship and bonding as a family became closer after what we have been through.

My focus right now was to know GOD more.  I am hungry for HIS words.  I started to hear mass daily, reading the Holy Scriptures and religious books, lives of the Saints and do volunteer works at the church.  Last year, our family friend (the PARAISO family) invited us to come and join the El Shaddai Community. My children started to join on January 2005 and I followed then on June of the same year.

Since then my prayer is that OUR LOVING GOD will use our family to be the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World, to be an inspiration to the lonely, desperate and isolated. And GOD has heard our prayers.  My children and I are now part of the Scarborough Music Ministry.  My daughter is starting to do some worship leading; my second son is grooming to be a future youth disciple and a drummer while my youngest is serving at the music ministry and as an altar server.

Before, I used to control my tears so that my children will not see me emotionally down and that they may have some strength also to face their own trials. But now, you will see me often with my tears rolling over my cheeks especially during the praise and worship.  It is not because I am overwhelmed with daily problems because I know my GOD is greater than all of our problems.  I am crying because our GOD is an AWESOME GOD, the GREATEST PHYSICIAN, A GOD of LOVE, a FORGIVING GOD, full of MERCY and COMPASSION.

In conclusion, I would like to quote a verse taken from second Corinthian 1:3-4 and I quote – “Let us give thanks to the GOD and FATHER of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, the MERCIFUL Father, the GOD from whom all help comes. He helps us in all our troubles, so that we are able to help others who have all kinds of troubles, using the same help that we ourselves have received from GOD”.




                        Bro. Eric Ong

                        Scarborough Cell Group




If you want to share the goodness of Yahweh El Shaddai and what He has done in your life, email us your testimony ( and let God's name be glorified...Remember, "always give thanks for all the things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father."  
                                        - Ephesians 5:20



I grew up in a Catholic family, attended catholic schools from elementary to university, I have known God in our religion and cathecism class.  But my knowledge of God is very superficial.  I was blesses in so many ways by God having a secure job, a nice house and luxuries in life.  I never attributed these provisions as coming to Him.  I think highly of myself that whatever I have was all because of me and my hard work.  As years passed I began to feel that my life was empty and meaningless.  I talked to God to prove to me that His love by giving me a child.  My son was born in 2004 and I named him Matthew which means God's gift.  Last November I attended the Life in the Spirit Seminar where I accepted Jesus in my heart, there was this great feeling and a strong desire to serve God.  I actively joined the discipleship class, I volunteered in the Canadian Bible Society.  These activities made me feel like I am doing a very noble work.  God touched my life in a deeper way this time because I felt a change in my old self.  Recently our company downsized and I was one of the affected.  Had I not known Jesus in my life this would have been a devastating event for me but I still find the fervent desire to worship and praise Him.


I read in one of the Praise and Worship book that a deeper level of praising and worship is being able to do it in the midst of suffering and pain.  Now that I know Jesus I know I can withstand any trials and sufferings because Jesus is with me all through it.  I give Him all the highest praise for leading me in ways everlasting.


                      Sis. Edith Arzaga

                      Toronto Main Chapter


I want to thank the Lord for the great things He has done for me. Last June 2005, me and my former classmate was talking about going back to school, she wants me to join them but our place is far.


I found out that there is another branch in our place in Cavite so I prayed to the Lord and searched for His will. I am already 34 years old and 12 years since I finish my technology course.


I asked the Lord that if this school accepts me I will study again.

Praise God, the school accepted me and said that in only a year I can get my bachelor's degree. It is hard to go back to school at my age and also I have four children to take care, but nothing is impossible if with God. The schedule for my course is 5-9pm Monday to Friday and my children are all home at that time.


The Lord is so great He blessed and protected us. He made me pass all the subjects and He helped me in my projects. That's not all since I went back to school and my children were all alone at home He was and is with them. My children never got sick and they got good grades.


Thank You Jesus, Yahweh El Shaddai for all the blessings and the help You done for us.

Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah!


                      Sis. Glo

                      Cavite, Philippines


I came to Canada in 1990 from Hong Kong where I worked with a Chinese employer.  My first few months in Canada were terrible, always longing to go back to Hong Kong because I missed my friends and my sister.  I found an employer in Canada but my income was barely enough to pay my bills.  Almost everyday I called my sister and friends as I was so depressed and lonely.  My life was empty and peace was nowhere to be found. 


My relationship with my employer turned bitter when she started taking advantage of me and hurting my feelings. I fearlessly left my employer as I couldn’t take it any longer, although I knew that life would be tougher without a source of income.  I called my sister in Hong Kong and she advised me to search El Shaddai.  Truly God reveals himself to people who are genuinely looking for Him.  I found this foundation El Shaddai DWXI-PPFI and was extremely happy.  I took it as a gift from God because my birthday was then fast approaching and I prayed hard that God will give me life in its fullest.  I heard God as He spoke through my heart.  I thanked Him for giving me Jesus Christ as a valuable gift for my birthday.


Then Bro. Mike came to Toronto as his first visit.  There I started my commitment to Yahweh El Shaddai to continue attending the fellowship every Sunday.  Later on, God has pursued His plan to mold and change me until I fully opened my heart and humbled myself where I experienced the repentance and forgiveness of my sins.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior, and I thanked Yahweh El Shaddai and the Holy Spirit for a job well done.


                     Sis. Magdalena Sumaribus

                     Toronto Main Chapter


I started attending the Gawain back in the Philippines where I promised God that I will continue to serve Him wherever place I go.  I went back to Hong Kong in 2002 to work; I was a regular attendee of the Gawain and heard mass at the same time.  However, behind all these I was a constant sinner as I had a relationship for 6 years with another female.  I prayed God to send me to Canada which He promptly answered.  July 13, 2003 I arrived in Canada but shortly thereafter trials and sufferings poured in. I realized that I had a breast cancer.  Going through a series of examinations, I endured so much pain by the mercy of God who did not leave me alone despite of my sins.  My doctor advised me that I needed a surgery to remove my left breast as it has gone seriously bad.  I did not claim for the surgery to happen.  But God’s ways are different.  I then started praying to God for forgiveness of all my sins, and prayed for the success of the surgery.  It happened in August 2003 and the final check up was a month after – to find out if I needed chemotherapy and radiation.  But to God be the glory, the results came and found out that everything was negative.  No need for either chemotherapy or radiation or any of those medications… I was completely healed!


In November 2003, I gave my promise to God to give Him all my tithes after I receive the negative results.  Thanks be to God!  He has saved me from the pit of sinfulness.  Now I am regularly attending the Gawain.  This is the biggest miracle God has done to my life and this keeps me strong in faith and love for Him.


                          Sis. Landa Boongaling

                          Toronto Main Chapter


When I responded to the call of Yahweh El Shaddai, he renewed my mind and spirit.  In my old life, the word of God meant nothing to me even when I go to church.  Temptations were all over me and my family.  Anger and bitterness were always lingering around.  My anger always caused a big fight with my husband.  Our marriage was in trouble and falling apart. 


Only when I joined El Shaddai DWXI-PPFI I realized that our marriage was on the wrong track; because I was the one taking control of our marriage and family.  Through listening to the word of God, He spoke to me in Ephesians 5:22 that wives should submit to the husbands, as the church submits itself to Jesus Christ.  Now I have allowed Jesus Christ to reign in my heart and control my life and my family... and I want to give back all the praises and thanksgiving to Yahweh El Shaddai for all the good things He has done for me and my family.  Alleluiah!  Alleluiah!


                          Sis. Rose Magdaong

                          Scarborough Cell Group


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